Net Net Hunter Review: What I Learned

What is your money doing? It could literally be pissed away from binge drinking. It could be collecting dust in a savings account instead of getting huge returns that you deserve. This was my problem.

I eventually found a way to put my money to work. It is called Net Net Hunter. They spend hours combing through stocks financial using proven screening methods to find the beaten down, ugly, unattractive, diamonds in the rough.

What? These stocks are actually excellent net net canidates with impressive financials. Their stock has just taken a massive beating from some bad luck or increased market competition. Basically the idea is buying something really good, on sale. Bad companies get screened out, while only the cream rises to the top.

This site is not for chumps. It is not going to make you any money if you have no idea what you are going. This site, and Evan, will teach you everything you need to read and understand BEFORE you invest. You are under no pressure to buy anything, except a membership.

This is what I liked the most. The members and the content encourage you to read. “Read as much as you can and then you will understand what you are doing.”

The membership prices are fair. A monthly membership will cost a hefty $125 a month. It does come with a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. Unless you have the money, time, and knowledge to buy a full basket of stocks, I don’t recommend it.

There is also the yearly subscription. Monthly membership drops to an attractive $45/ month.  I really appreciate the access to the deep analysis of different companies. They dissect a company each month to explain why they are a good or bad choice for investment.

The forums are a great source of information. Members are savvy and very helpful. There are new posts every day ranging from questions to links to new information.

There is new content every month and plenty in the archives. There is enough to read on the site alone to get you buckled in for the excitement of the Investment Roller Coaster.

The site isn’t without its quirks. You can tell it was built in WordPress. Links don’t take into consideration that you are already logged in and might jump you to an impersonal homepage or subscription page.

I have been a member for over a year now. I have seen some major updates over my time. Evan(the founder) has been personally very helpful over my time.

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